The 2012 List of the Hairiest Celebrities

The 2012 list of both men and women

For men it’s referred to as “Manscaping” and for women, well any myriad of things. From waxing to tweezing and even “The Brazillian”, we all agree a little personal grooming is necessary. As a celebrity hitting the red carpet, it's a must. But many “A-Listers” aren't concerned bearing a little “extra hair.”

We’ve compiled a list of the hairiest male and female celebrities.  for your viewing pleasure. Or displeasure…

All in all, know that if you're hairy, you're not alone.

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9 Hairiest Women

9 Hairiest Men

1) MoNique

monique hairy legs

1) Robin Williams

robin williams hairy chest

2) Kelly Rowland

kelly rowland armpits

2) Steve Carell

steve carell hairy chest

3) Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore armpits

3) Alec Baldwin

alec baldwin hairy chest

4) Julliette Lewis

juliette lewis armpits

4) Burt Reynolds

burt reynolds hairy chest

5) Julia Roberts

julia roberts armpits

5) Tom Selleck

tom selleck hairy chest

6) Elizabeth Jagger

elizabeth jagger armpits

6) Chuck Norris

chuck norris hairy chest

7) Tyra Banks

tyra banks lip

7) Sean Connery

sean connery hairy chest

8) Britney Spears

britney spears armpits

8) David Hasselhoff

david hasselhoff hairy chest

9) Paris Hilton

paris hilton armpits

9) Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman hairy chest


Sept 18, 2012 By Erica Rejuve